LOVEBOMB is an aphrodisiac chocolate line that explores sensuality between lovers. The heavenly taste inspires divine attraction through the release of endorphins and anti-anxiety hormones. Cocoa rose, pomegranate cream, and rich honey fig are paired with chocolate across the forms of an edible candle, truffles, and wine. The packaging includes a folky style and detailed illustrations of Greek gods including Aphrodite, Persephone, and Dionysus with their respective symbology. and Midjourney Bot were utilized to create AI generated silky backdrops for the products to be displayed in. None of these generated images contain real photography but give a sense of the richness and moodiness of the desserts.
LOVEBOMBCHOCOLATES.COM gives these sweet treats an online presence and a space where people can connect with the brand. Guests can shop the products and chocolate pairings that they want with the option of a customized bundle. The aesthetic of the shop pulls from elements of the packaging like color, illustrations, dashed lines, and typography.
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