Upsher: A Dining Travelogue is a restaurant inspired by the golden age of European train travel. The art-nouveau twist on vintage branding seen in the logo, business cards, and menus are a reflection of the owner's posh palette. Upsher's lifelong travelogue was crafted into an exclusive menu in Aspen, Colorado so the Westerners could immerse themselves in a unique cultural experience and feel like a passenger dining on a train through the Alpine mountains.
This series of poster advertisements was created in a vintage Bauhaus style to reflect the time period and European elements that Upsher and its menu are inspired by. A simple, geometric sans-serif headline and breathable serif tagline allow the train track graphic to flow between the series. The perspective of the track takes you on a journey over winding bridges through the mountains, finally arriving at Upsher, the apex of dining.
AI Generated Mockups and Midjourney Bot were utilized to create restaurant scenes in which the posters could be displayed. None of these generated images contain real photography but give a sense of the elegance and moodiness of the interior of Upsher: A Dining Travelogue.  
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